Know How to use Instagram Stories, Boomerang, and Carousel

Instagram Stories is now one of the most accessed resources by users of the social network, having even surpassed Snapchat. Thus, it is important to create videos and photos that draw the user to the main publications, as well as exclusive attractions. As such content only lives for 24 hours (you can save it in independent galleries, and a tip is to separate it by themes), and publish interesting content for your followers to look for.

Similarly, make smart use of Boomerang, which creates a one-second looping GIF, and Carousel, which aggregates more than one photo or video into a single post. Know how to work with your subjects and create pieces that appeal to your audiences, such as a Boomerang with a dramatic effect or a collection of images related to a unique event, for example.

And if we’re talking about videos, it’s also important to serve your audience with live streams of content relevant to your channel. It could be a launch, a trip, or coverage of an event, but always try to stay within your niche.

A good example to entertain your audience is to hold Q&A sessions so that followers can get closer to you, or your brand, and interact directly.

Once you have gained traction and your profile has started to boom, an important tip is to identify influencers within your niche and close partnerships with them (be they more or less popular) and, if possible, also with brands that are complementary to your business.

You can send products to an influencer to test and post, upon disclosure of the profile, to invite him to take over your account for a day, as long as he understands your business and makes publications that do not deviate from your editorial line. Anyway, according to its reach, it can bring you more followers (and customers).

Likewise, maintaining a good relationship with brands is essential to enable agreements and partnerships, which range from the supply of products to contracts themselves, involving payment in cash. Still, staying true to your audience and staying professional will pay off for you and your business.

Here come the basic rules of coexistence: don’t be rude, answer questions, talk to your followers, ask questions… Anyway, be an exemplary user of Instagram and not someone despicable. Profiles that seek to print a good brand do not survive by mistreating their audience.

If someone sends you a gift, talk about it, post a photo or make a thank you video. Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and by doing so, you could be helping someone who is also looking to jumpstart their business. So be generous.

Know How to use Instagram Stories, Boomerang, and Carousel