How To See The Likes/Likes Of Instagram Profiles? Understand The Change

The test of removing the number of likes from Instagram posts from the timeline, which started in Canada, was started in Brazil and has already generated many questions about how the new format will interfere with the strategies of brands and digital influencers.

The proposal to hide the total number of likes, according to the social network itself, is an attempt to make the platform healthier for its users and make them focus more on the content than on the likes received on their photos or videos.

Therefore, with the change, the user can see the likes of the posts themselves, if they enter each post individually. However, it becomes very difficult to see how many likes a photo of another profile has, which avoids the feeling of competition.

 Even if it is a vanity metric, the number of likes on a post has always been of great relevance in the analysis of the results of strategies aimed at Instagram.

As well as comments and the number of followers’ likes helped to measure the audience’s interaction with the profile, which became important for both companies and digital influencers.

Now, with the update, the rules of the game have changed and the focus must be fully on the production and dissemination of quality content.

The highlight will therefore be on what you publish and not on the number of likes received on each post. Anyone who knows how to offer relevant content that actually generates value for their followers will continue to have positive results with Instagram.

Another essential point for Instagram marketing strategies is knowing how to analyze data in a deeper way, which goes beyond vanity metrics.

Through metrics such as reach, profile visits saved posts, and the click through rate (CTR) of profile clicks (such as email, phone, and website in bio), it is possible to evaluate how your brand generates engagement with people and what types of content are most attractive.

This helps both to modify what needs to be improved and to create new strategies that are in line with the behavior of your audience.

But, as no one is iron and public metrics are still highly valued, the big bet is that comments and number of followers gain greater visibility after hiding the number of likes.

The number and content of comments, for example, can show how people interact with a profile and how it stands out on Instagram.

The total number of followers will probably become an even more valuable metric for digital influencers, as it will help brands to assess the development of these users on the social network.

How To See The Likes/Likes Of Instagram Profiles? Understand The Change