How To Get More Likes On Instagram?

Instagram is an excellent social network to promote interactions on the internet because it is accessible and simple. But not everyone can make their profile boom organically, and they resort to questionable strategies that are not recommended, such as buying followers.


The first step to having a profile with a good chance of being successful is knowing how to create a brand. If you are an individual user, use your real or work name, something that allows you to be easily identified. Resist including name jokes, teenage nicknames, or the like. From there, choose a good profile picture, and a clear description of who you are and what you do.

For a business account, the same thing: choose a good brand, a profile image that easily identifies you and is clear in the description. In both cases, use links to your other social networks, websites, or Youtube channels, if you have them. It is important to have consistency: the same brand for several platforms makes the process of identifying and retaining followers much easier.


Once the account has been created and the brand defined, it is necessary to outline a uniform strategy for your publications. Instead of creating a timeline of random topics, choose a type of content that you like and understand, and focus on it. It could be movies, fashion, sports, games, behavior, anything.

This is important because it conveys authenticity: it’s much better for you and your audience if your account deals with a specific subject that you like, so the posts will be much more natural and won’t look like a “jabá”.

It’s nice to have your smartphone handy to share photos on Instagram right away, but depending on your device, the images from that party might not look great. On the other hand, you don’t need a DSLR camera to take amazing quality photos, not least because Instagram’s algorithm compresses the images.

There’s not much to say here: buy a smartphone with a good camera, preferably (and if your budget allows) one that is well-rated in rankings; You can use the DxOMark website as a reference, which reviews camera-focused devices.

One way not to go wrong is to buy an iPhone or a latest-generation Galaxy S/Note and, although the prices are quite high, the result is worth it.


It’s nice to play around with Instagram filters, but if your goal is to increase your audience’s engagement, avoid decorating your timeline like a Christmas tree. It’s best to post natural photos, particularly so your potential customers can see exactly what items you’re promoting and what they look like in real life. But if you can’t avoid it, choose a maximum of two filters.

This is important to create a visual identity for your account, and your followers will be able to easily identify your post among others based on content and filters or lack of them.

How To Get More Likes On Instagram?