How To Be Consistent, But Not A Spammer On Instagram?

Nobody likes a profile that lives in months, so always post something. It could be a video, a photo, a Story, or a GIF, but keep your profile buzzing with constant updates. That way, your follower won’t have the feeling of an abandoned account and will always come back to see what you’ve been up to.

On the other hand, don’t overdo it. It’s very easy to lose your hand and clog Instagram with several posts a day, and everything that’s too much makes you sick. If you weigh your hand and post more content than your follower sees fit, they will treat you like a spammer and unfollow you. This can trigger a catastrophic domino effect.

The secret is knowing how to regulate the number of daily posts: not too little to give the idea of ​​abandonment, and not too much to annoy the follower. As always, it is important to maintain balance.

With these tips, you should considerably increase your popularity and the number of USA likes on Instagram, as the social network identifies the profiles that are booming. Thus, your photos, videos, and stories will be seen by more people with similar tastes and, over time, you may even be among the main influencers on the platform.

It’s also important to identify which are the hottest hashtags of the moment and use them, but be careful here: avoid using those that have nothing to do with your profile, so you don’t look like a hashtag climber, who wants to pump the at all cost.

Tagging the place where you are is not just to boast about your friends: the location tool is important for Instagram to separate posts by region, so a refined search will return to the user who is nearby and doing what.

On the other hand, be generic. Giving accurate information about where you are can be problematic for you, but tagging a city or neighborhood helps a lot, as it increases the chances of your posts being seen by people in your area.

How To Be Consistent, But Not A Spammer On Instagram?