Are You Getting Few Likes On Instagram? Find Out Why!

The reasons why you are getting likes on Instagram could be several. The two main reasons you are getting fewer likes on your Instagram profile are Shadowban and Instagram’s new sorting algorithm.

The main change implemented by Instagram is the classification: the initial feed is no longer just chronological. This was adopted from the Facebook algorithm, and you find posts from accounts you interact with and less content from users that you rarely or never engage with. However, this can also be seen as a positive, as our posts have more “lifetime”.

Hashtags that are overused are banned from Instagram in their recent updates. This was done to filter the content and only show what is relevant. It’s the mechanism called Shadowban.

There is software such as Gestorgram, Bume, and others, which helped to gain new followers and increase their likes on Instagram, but currently, the application is required to respect the limits of interactions per hour imposed by Instagram. Illegal software like Instagress and Gramblr are already closed. But currently using such software may disqualify your account.

Instagram will not stop changing. It is you who have to adapt to the new changes and work with the algorithm. General tips to never stop growing your account are:

  • Build genuine interactions, real relationships, and original content.
  • Stimulate your audience.
  • Think long-term to gain real followers and build a loyal audience.
  • Use smart hashtag sets to tag your content.
  • Use Instagram Stories for face-to-face interaction.

Instagram is one of the most interactive social networks on the internet. Hardly a post of yours will go without any likes, since the reach is much greater than what we can see on Facebook, for example. Instagram likes are one of the best tools for your profile to appear to more people and help you gain followers.

This becomes especially useful if you plan to use the platform to leverage your business, for example. To learn how to get likes on Instagram, check out some of the top ways to achieve this goal below!

Are You Getting Few Likes On Instagram? Find Out Why!