David Ambrosio - Bata

David Ambrosio    David Ambrosio is a musician who has spent much of his professional life traveling all over the world performing and teaching. While he has had some unique travel experiences, one of the most influential in his musical development happened in November 2001 when David had the opportunity to perform in Cuba with one of his collaborative projects, Grupo Los Santos, as well as Max Pollak's Rumbatap.

   During that one week stay they had the opportunity to work with many Afro Cuban folkloric music and dance ensembles in addition to attending a three day Tambor festival at the Teatro Bertol Brecht in Havana. Awestruck by the musical depth, culture and spirituality that exists in the African heritage of the Cuban people, his interest in Afro/Cuban Bata drumming began.

  Consequently, for the past 13 years David has been studying AfroCuban Bata drumming. His main teacher and mentor in the art of bata drumming is master drummer Carlos Gomez who, in addition to being an accomplished hand drummer, is a high priest of the Yoruba religion called a Babalawo or Priest of Ifa. David has also studied with other great masters of the bata including Miguel Bernal and Carlos Aldama.

   Through years of training and intense study the Babalawo uses the ancient spiritual divination system of Ifa to assist people in finding, understanding and processing life until they experience spiritual wisdom as a part of their daily experience. As one continues to learn the intricate rhythms of the Bata drum you come to realize that it is only a small part of the beauty and transcendence of this sacred music.

    David feels very fortunate to have a mentor and other great drummers to give him the teachings of this aural tradition and spiritual practice which allows him to be a small part of the fraternal brotherhood of the Bata.