David Ambrosio - Bass




"Ambrosio possesses an unerring sense of groove that's similar to Holland's (Dave)..."

- John Kelman, All About Jazz




"Dave Ambrosio is a wealth of musical inventiveness in both technique and note selection"

- Chris Imrie, The Guelph Mercury




"Ambrosio has sensitivity to dynamic concerns and an ability to react instantly"

- Chris Kelsey, Jazz Times




"Ambrosio stretches and bends like a rubber man"....

- Rex Butters, All About Jazz (Chicago)




"This bassist is a powerful melodist who refuses to reside in the back of an ensemble by the sheer strength of his full-frontal polyrhythmic attack"

- Raul Da Gama, Latin Jazz Network




"Bassist David Ambrosio once again demonstrates his

keen melodic sensibility and propensity for surefooted


- John Sharpe, New York City Jazz Record




"Ambrosio's ability to provide harmony and/or counterpoint to Renzi, as well as serve as rhythmic anchor with Meissner, act as constant reminders that understated suggestion can often be more powerful than overt declaration"


"Ambrosio may show considerable contrapuntal intuition on the three-part closer, Three Stories, but he balances that with a more definitive groove on both the up tempo Faces and Places and the hypnotic, Indian-inflected To the Cave, which feels like a calmer version of John Zorn's Masada Quartet."

- John Kellman, All About Jazz